Axis cameras provide security for drivers and passengers using the public transport system in Most and Litvinov

Public transportation company of Most and Litvinov has decided to equip newly delivered buses and trams with a security camera system

“AXIS P39 Network Cameras are specially set up for use in public transportation vehicles where their application is always more demanding. These compact cameras are resilient and provide excellent picture quality.” Václav Matura, Project manager at ONE SYSTEM.


DOPRAVNÍ PODNIK měst Mostu a Litvínova, the public transport company of Most and Litvinov, has been providing public transport services in the Most region since 1901. This company boasts a history stretching back more than one hundred years, but it also has a clear plan for the future - to be part of a smart city with a functional and comfortable transport system. However, public transport faces many negative phenomena such as vandalism or aggressive behavior towards passengers and drivers. To ensure safety, the company has installed Axis security cameras in public transport vehicles.


The objective of the camera monitoring system installed in public transport vehicles is to increase the safety of public transport for both passengers and drivers. The integrator, ONE SYSTEM, has therefore installed Axis security cameras as a part of the complex solution. Onboard cameras monitor the situation around the entry doors and the interior of the vehicle, while recordings from exterior cameras may be used as evidence in case of an accident.


The public transportation company now requires the security camera system to be installed in all newly delivered vehicles. This system has been well received both by passengers and drivers. Cameras have proven to be a useful tool in fighting criminal activities occurring inside vehicles. Since the deployment of the system, vandalism and interior damage have been reduced. Recordings are also used as evidence by the police when investigating traffic accidents.

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