A leap of decades

The Plaza Mayor Shopping Center in Mexico implements Axis video door entry and network video solutions for preventive security management with a focus on reducing incidents

“We know that technologies such as those offered to us by Axis Communications will allow us to remain an avant-garde shopping center that also offers our customers benefits beyond safety.” Luis Morales, Head of Security at Plaza Mayor Shopping Center.


Seventy percent of all shopping centers in Latin America are located in Mexico. Founded in the 1990s, Plaza Mayor is the largest fashion mall in the Mexican Bajío, as well as one of the largest in the entire country. For the initial construction, an analog CCTV security system was selected since it was the technology that was current and available at that time. However, it did not meet the requirements for durability and scalability which led to the need to replace it. The shopping center needed a new system that would hold up better over time and grow with the needs of the mall. In addition, Plaza Mayor required a system that would help manage the flow of people throughout the property, both indoors and outdoors, and in restricted areas. Lastly, the system would need to provide peace of mind for tenants who pay for a security system that will deter potential offenders and provide prompt response to incidents with reliable forensic video evidence.


More than 200 IP Axis network video cameras are now deployed at Plaza Mayor along with an array of video analytics. A video intercom system and emergency call buttons provide communication and emergency response. The next phase of development will integrate an access control system to track the distributors on the property.


The Axis technology solution has played a fundamental role in Plaza Mayor’s security strategy, which has led to a considerable reduction in incidents. Working with Axis solutions not only solved their current challenges but also allowed them to envision a future which can evolve beyond loss prevention to include marketing and operation optimization activities.

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