Atlanta PD deploys mobile, wireless surveillance trailers for crime deterrence

Axis Communications and Compass Security Solutions manufacture a set of solar-powered surveillance trailers for the Atlanta Police Department to deter crime and improve situational awareness

“The trailers give us the ability to deploy surveillance equipment quickly to areas that need coverage and provide us with the forensic quality video we’ve come to expect from Axis and Genetec. It’s changed the way we plan for large events and critical incidents.” Marshall Freeman, Chief Operating Officer, Atlanta Police Foundation.


The Atlanta Police Department and its strategic public safety partner the Atlanta Police Foundation continuously seek ways to deter crime by increasing their coverage of areas and events. Looking to augment permanently installed cameras, the city desired a mobile solution that could be deployed for additional and short-term coverage of large gatherings. Once pandemic-related lockdowns and subsequent protests began, the need for a force multiplier was even more clear to police. The agencies sought a technology solution that could capitalize on the city’s Video Integration Center where they collect footage from thousands of public and private surveillance cameras. The feeds are viewed live for immediate response and recorded for investigation.


The Atlanta Police Foundation commissioned Compass Security Solutions to construct a set of four mobile surveillance trailers that could be deployed quickly from site to site — whenever and wherever the police department needs extra manpower to observe an area of interest or an event such as a road race. Each trailer was equipped with a network pan-tilt-zoom camera from Axis Communications atop a 21-foot mast, the AutoVu™ SharpV, an automatic license plate reader from Genetec™, and an outdoor speaker from Axis for safety announcements— all networked and driven by a solar-powered platform for autonomous operation for up to five days without sunlight.


The mobile surveillance trailers have positively enhanced Atlanta’s safety by providing crime deterrence to areas where officers can’t always be, and by offering situational awareness for officers when they respond to incidents at the camera’s location. The surveillance trailers have served in an investigational role, as well. In one case they captured video footage of a shooting that resulted in an arrest being made. The Atlanta Police Foundation hopes to acquire more surveillance trailers, because of their value, ease of use and sustainability.

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