Video surveillance and packaging: an integrated intelligent system of video cameras to increase production efficiency

An integrated end-to-end system for advanced video surveillance and video analysis aimed at identifying malfunctions and improving production performance

“In order to respond to our requirements and those of our client, we sought out solutions that delivered very high levels of performance. In this case we have 100 frames per second, the minimum necessary to be able to have a suitable level of detail, and a system of video cameras that allows continuous recording for at least 7 days. Thanks to the solutions offered by Axis and its partner Milestone, we were able to satisfy both requirements.” Marco Bagnolini, Electrical/Software Department Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.


Comitel, a system integrator with 30 years’ experience took on a very ambitious challenge in responding to the needs of their client Senzani Brevetti, an Italian company specialized in the production of machinery and technology for automatic packaging systems. The prime requirement for Senzani Brevetti was to install a video-surveillance system in their client’s packaging plant with the aim of providing constant and continuous monitoring of the functioning of machinery equipped with very fast-rotation mechanisms. Another requirement was the possibility of being able to study recordings at any moment in order to identify problems emerging during production. As the plant in question works at very high speeds (240 packages per minute), it was in fact hard to understand at which point a malfunction had occurred with the naked eye. It was therefore necessary to identify a solution that allowed for advanced and continuous monitoring even in the absence of production control staff, in order to be able to identify the event and analyze it.


In order to respond to the requirements of Senzani Brevetti, Comitel studied an intelligent monitoring system based on the implementation of an integrated Axis solution customized according to client requirements and with a user-friendly interface. With the help of Senzani Brevetti, eight points in the plant were identified for control, integrating, for each of the points, eight IP cameras AXIS Q3515-LVE with an elevate frame rate (100 fps) and a server that stores the video recordings for 7 days (in compliance with privacy regulations). In the proximity of these eight monitored points, it was possible to both generate alarms in the event of anomalies and map malfunctions within the timeline over which each video camera recorded, using tags (or bookmarks) to identify each event. By isolating individual frames without having to analyze hours of recordings, the identification of any anomalies has been rendered simple and rapid. This improvement was also made possible thanks to the collaboration of technology partner Milestone and their Xprotect® VMS platform.


There were various advantages gained by the client with the adoption of this solution, all of which translated into an increase in efficiency and productivity from the plant. In fact, this solution requires the presence of just one operator who, via a monitor positioned externally on the machine, can check that the plant is functioning properly in real time.

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