State-of-the-art network technologies in Magyar Telekom’s new office building

Axis network cameras in an inspiring, modern environment

“The quality, as well as the excellent relationship with the manufacturer and the distributor counted a lot in the selection. With such a large number of cameras, it cannot be allowed during the operation that cameras are un- and reinstalled on a weekly basis, if they fail or have any problems. They must work well in the long run.” Csaba Juranovszky, Pre-Sales Engineer, T-Systems Magyarország Zrt.


In Hungary’s biggest and most modern office building, world leader, Axis Communications IP cameras are used for surveillance. The office complex is shared between Magyar Telekom and T-Systems Magyarország on eight floors, three-story underground garage and on more than 105,000 square meters and provides workplace for more than 4500 employees. It was a professional challenge of enormous proportions to ensure the protection of the building and its staff, by the installation of a camera system among others. The aim was to make the cameras part of an integrated building management system and to demonstrate T-Systems and Magyar Telekom’s technology solutions for business and marketing purposes.


The cost-effectiveness of the security system and the tight deadlines were the challenges in design. T-Systems technicians eventually installed 854 network cameras within the expected time frame; however, there are 11,000 structured endpoints to meet all needs in future scenarios. Cameras are used for general surveillance both indoors and outdoors. In addition to observing high-priority areas, all traffic routes and parking lots and even the rooftop running track can be seen on the displays. There are cameras in the halls, storage rooms and cloakrooms as well. The planned integrated building management system operates the cameras together with the fire alarm, intrusion alarm and access control system, when a particular sensor is signaled, the image of the nearest camera is always displayed in the control center. This allows the security service to verify immediately, 24 hours a day, whether a false alarm or a real emergency has occurred.


As a system integration company, in addition to security, one of the main considerations of installing the camera system was to create a building which transfers the message to customers that the most modern network technologies are applied here. Thanks to solutions from T-Systems Hungary and Axis Communications, the result is a full-range camera system that, when presented to customers, enables Telekom and T-Systems professionals to demonstrate efficient and intelligent operation of cabling, switching and servers.

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