Axis raises security in the Le Piazze Center to new heights

An intelligent end-to-end solution integrating audio/video technology for all-round remote active monitoring

“An integrated video surveillance system that immediately reports the presence of unauthorized persons with pop-up messages sent to the surveillance company. It also offers an audio function that, by using speakers to send messages or raise alarms, acts as a deterrent for potential intruders. I think that this is the most efficient tool for a large open-air shopping center like Le Piazze.” Marco Ughini, Unieco.


Le Piazze is an extensive open-air shopping center on the outskirts of Bologna that was built in 2010 by Unieco and recently renovated with the aim of enhancing the entire complex. Part of this relaunch project was the need to render the old video surveillance system more efficient, as it had proven to be ineffective in a number of infractions.


The security company operating in Le Piazze, Servizi Sicurezza Italia, and Koinos, the multiservice company for the Center and technical partner to Axis, have opted for an Axis end-to-end solution comprising of a complete system of video cameras, radar and audio (all online), managed remotely thanks to the software platform AXIS Camera Station. This open and flexible system, a result of collaboration with Koinos, integrates a range of Axis technologies in order to reduce the high costs of physical patrolling and provide the possibility to conveniently intervene with audio messages in order to discourage attempted theft and unauthorized access.


This integrated audio-video solution has raised the surveillance system at Le Piazze to a new level of technology, reducing the costs related to physical patrolling. The Axis end-to-end solution is a proactive system capable of managing security in complex areas characterized by high levels of traffic in an efficient and fully remote manner, thus preventing incidents, helping to manage emergencies and discouraging threats.

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