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When it was time to expand from 16 analog cameras to 175 IP cameras, this educational institution did the math and made a decision based on storage savings

“We made a very assertive decision in choosing the product and partner to use in implementing this project. We believe it was a success, and we have plans to expand the technology to other units in Brazil.” Franklin Machado, Information Technology and Infrastructure Manager at Consa.


Colégio Franciscano Nossa Senhora Aparecida (Consa) depended on 16 analog cameras with low image quality to ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors. Considering their new requirements for image quality, the school was interested in discreetly increasing the areas under surveillance, using 100% high-quality IP devices. The question remained: how to make this project feasible without generating a high volume of data?


In a short time, Consa increased the number of cameras more than tenfold. During all phases, project deployment was quick and easy thanks to the efforts of Added, the integrator responsible for dimensioning the project during the pre-sales period using AXIS Site Designer. That way, when it was time to install the equipment, most of the key information had already been mapped out. In addition, the biggest technological differential for the school was the use of Axis Zipstream. This technology allows the image volume from 175 IP video cameras to be stored and processed on the school’s server with additional compression to the H.264 standard. Axis Zipstream saved the institution more than 30% in terms of processing and storage resources.


The new system allowed the school to work in new ways: to proactively manage incidents based on data, allowing faster responses. In practice, the images not only enhanced property security but also help to locate objects lost by students. And compared to the previous system, the new technology reduced image search times by more than half, enabling the security team to make the best use of their time. The new system also increased productivity in all processes involving the video monitoring system, including problem prevention, incident resolution, and searching for images for analysis.

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