Axis & Elecom camera system tested at sea

Surveillance solution ideal for the toughest marine environments

“When it comes to vessel monitoring systems in the naval fleet, we take into consideration Axis IP-cameras in particular. Unlike their cheaper counterparts, they guarantee image transmission in the most difficult weather conditions.” Wojciech Brutel, Production Manager at Elecom Sp. z o.o.


Marine vessels need complex surveillance systems that not only meet the highest quality requirements, but also work seamlessly with other systems, including safety and fire systems. The solutions used must be resistant to water mist with high salinity and all impacts and vibrations. An additional difficulty is to adapt the equipment to high temperature amplitudes. Their task is to provide the ship-owner with a reliable image in real time as foundation for advanced surveillance systems on passenger, merchant and offshore ships as well as warships.


Elecom installed on a special vessel (cable layer) a CCTV camera surveillance system, which at the same time integrated various security systems. Its specificity is a large number of viewing points and high control capabilities. A hybrid solution combining both analogue cameras from other vendors and Axis IP cameras. Elecom also used stainless steel housings for cameras with built-in illuminators, which additionally protected the devices against weather conditions.


The applied solutions enabled the ship-owner to observe the ship’s operation in real time from land, regardless of the weather conditions prevailing at sea. For video analysis, the company uses internal software of Axis cameras. In addition, the system is used to help in navigation of large vessels.

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