From crush to creation: Axis helps recycling company to meet sustainability goals

EMR Metal Recycling deploys comprehensive range of Axis technologies to secure its site as well as monitor its operational processes in a drive towards achieving zero waste targets

“ We always strive to perform safely, efficiently and compliantly. We are also committed to our workforce, local communities and the environment. Like Axis, we follow ethical practices and strive to operate in as sustainable a manner as possible.” Roger Hewitt, Head of Security at EMR UK


EMR is a global leader in material recovery, with a heritage dating back to the 1940s. EMR currently employs around 4000 people operating across 150 locations worldwide. Its core business is the recycling of metal and plastics from a range of sources such as end-of-life vehicles, consumer products and construction sites. EMR’s focus on sustainable practices and desire to achieve zero waste targets led to a requirement for a surveillance system to protect not only its site, securing the access points and wider perimeter, but also to monitor the onsite machinery. A solution was required to enable greater visibility into the efficiency of current processes while helping to identify unnecessary waste in order to provide decision makers with insights into how to better meet sustainability goals.


Working closely with EMR to fulfil its requirements, Axis delivered an integrated end-to-end solution comprising network cameras, access control and IP audio products as well as a powerful software solution. This would facilitate the close monitoring of every aspect of onsite operations while also covering access points and perimeter security. In addition, open-source media player software linked to the point of sale (POS) system provided video verification of each transaction.


EMR has been able to review and monitor its entire processes for security as well as system efficiency, making firm decisions about managing waste in line with sustainability goals. In addition, the system factors in elements such as fire risk, which can now be closely monitored through the use of thermal cameras. EMR was subsequently able to respond to a BBC television request to feature in an episode of ‘Inside the factory’; this was a great piece of promotional coverage for EMR and for the work it does to produce in excess of 10 million tonnes a year of high quality recycled materials.

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