Fully digital solution safeguards farm estate

Marlenique Estate opts for an Axis end-to-end solution to secure their premises

“Boplaas 1743 approved the proposal from Energise Technology Africa to install a security system. This was for our farm, Marlenique Estate. We didn’t believe it was possible to curb the endless security issues we were experiencing, but I’m delighted to say that Energize has managed to provide us with the perfect solution. The Axis products have been running perfectly since the beginning of 2018. We are so impressed that we are currently rolling out the same solution to 4 more of our farms.” Carl Van Der Merwe, Owner Marlenique Estate.


Unfortunately, crime can affect even the most idyllic of settings and picturesque venues are no exception. Marlenique Estate needed a fully automated security system that would rule out the need for human guarding due to high levels of vandalism and theft. The estate had security guards on 24-hour patrol which proved to be both costly and ineffective. A system was needed whereby security personal would only be deployed on incident. In addition, the perimeter had to be secured with an early warning alert system.


Axis partner Energize Technology Africa PTY LTD was tasked to design and install a security solution that automates all aspects of safeguarding the premises and to mainly rely on armed response only in the event of an incident. The system also had to be more cost-effective than 24-hour on-site guards. An Axis solution was chosen due to its low maintenance needs, scalability and low false alarm ratio. With the use of analytics and VAPIX commands, this end-to-end solution was able to achieve the requirements of the venue.


Within the first two weeks of the installation, there were three perimeter breaches, of which two resulted in arrests. Vandalism has dramatically reduced, and productivity of the crops has increased to almost double due to the elimination of theft. The installation also provided the estate with the means to add a powerful solar farm that prior to the system would have been vandalised and subjected to theft. This is all thanks to the early warning solution that Axis Communications had to offer.

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