Modernization of video surveillance technology with audio integration

Specialist wholesaler focuses on maximum image quality in their logistics area

“The intuitive, expandable system from Axis was persuasive, provides increased flexibility, and allows us to make changes and optimizations in the future. We have also found that switching live images from camera to camera is quick and easy, and the network is no longer as congested as before.” Stefan Wenning, IT Organization/E-Business at Karl Brand KG.


In 2018, Karl Brand KG, a long-standing specialist wholesaler for housing technology and partner of the nationwide GC Group, was looking to modernize their video camera technology at their Gütersloh location in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the course of expanding the building complex with a new logistics center, they needed additional cameras that would also monitor incoming and outgoing goods as well as the access gates. The modernization was intended to not only increase security by expanding camera surveillance in the new area but also serve as a significant improvement in image quality and audio integration.


The well-proven Axis network camera system from 2012 was being replaced with a new one. Karl Brand KG once again chose Axis as their long-term partner based on their good experience with them. 38 new, powerful network cameras (including models AXIS Q3517-LVE, AXIS P3227-LVE, AXIS P3717-PLE and AXIS Q3505-VE) and eight AXIS C3003-E Network Horn Speakers and one 2N SIP Mic network microphone console were installed. An AXIS Camera Station S1148 Recorder, including the associated AXIS Camera Station video management software, was also integrated for the first time.


Removal of the old products and implementation of the new ones in the existing infrastructure went smoothly. As a long-term Axis partner, Elektro Fastabend performed both installation and commissioning. A deciding factor in the choice of products was the excellent image quality of the new cameras as well as the simple management and control of the entire network system using the included video management software.

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