Construction site safeguarded with surveillance and mass notification

Graham Construction innovates mobile security solution using Axis products to protect employees, properties, and equipment

“One-hundred percent, this just brings a heightened level of security, a heightened level of safety to an already complex work environment.” Mike Candow, project manager, Graham Construction.


Graham Construction, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, is one of the largest construction companies in Canada. When the company received a commission to build a new food processing plant in London, Ontario, they knew they wanted to further develop a security solution that they had been piloting with technology integrator Accara IT Services and Axis Communications. So, the construction leader brought both companies back to the table to optimize the solution, with the intention of making it a standard at all their construction sites to detect and deter theft and provide for the safety of their workers and the security of the property.


Accara designed a system that consists of 12 portable platforms, installed so that all critical areas of the construction site can be surveilled. Each platform holds a 16-foot-high post on which the security and safety equipment is mounted: an outdoor emergency button that, when pressed, triggers the AXIS Camera Station video management system, which then issues audible alerts through Axis network horn speakers for mass notification of all workers on-site; and a PTZ network camera as well as a 360-degree network camera, which transmit IP video through a wireless bridge to the VMS in the construction office. The cameras can be managed and monitored on and off-site by authorized users from their desktop or smart devices. One of the other highlights of the solution is the use of LED light towers at each security platform to power the equipment.


Not a single piece of equipment has been taken from the site since the system was put in. Project managers use the video system to monitor the work site and remotely manage any issues. Should there be an incident to report to law enforcement or a safety issue with a worker, the VMS can produce footage that will aid the investigation by substantiating the details. Most importantly, the mass notification system has the capability of communicating an audible alert to everyone on-site via the Axis network horn speakers mounted on each post.

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