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Sports club in Mexico manages to reduce theft up to 80%; resulting in a decrease in staff turnover and the added benefit of providing live online match broadcasting

“Being able to broadcast live matches with excellent quality has been an extra result that brought great benefits in the service to users.” Edgar Arceo Baeza, General Director of Deportivo Coltan Pádel.


Across Mexico, the number of sports enthusiasts is increasing, as are the number of sports venues. Those who live in the Campeche region are turning to the Coltan Pádel sports club for athletic activities and competition. As the club grew, so too did their security challenges affecting facilities, assets, staff and visitors. Incidents of vandalism, theft, and even parking lot confrontations began to occur. Especially worrying was the theft of merchandise and services by staff members.


A project was developed in collaboration with Axis partner MMC. Based on the assessed needs, the recommendation was to install 14 network cameras managed by AXIS Camera Station video management software. For the most important areas, such as perimeters, parking lots and checkout locations, vandal-proof cameras with wide dynamic range were installed, generating high-quality images, even in low light conditions.


One of the main achievements of combining cameras with Axis software was the reduction of employee theft, by up to 80%. This not only reduced losses but also the rate of staff turnover. The video surveillance system made it possible to reduce response times from security personnel and to identify those responsible for the robberies. Additionally, the scope of use for some of the cameras was extended beyond security to support live transmissions of athletic events.

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