Axis network audio at the heart of Mecaro‘s high-quality integrated-managed broadcasting system

Benefits from smart functions, operational efficiency and scalability

"We are very satisfied with our broadcasting system using Axis network audio solution, not only for its outstanding audio quality but in terms of management, technology, efficiency, and scalability. If you need to integrate system operations using CMS, you must build this system. The TCO is very reasonable, especially considering the task of deploying a new broadcasting system, from installation and operation to future expansion." Dong-min You, Head of IT, Mecaro.


Mecaro is a KOSDAQ-listed company that manufactures heater blocks and chemical products for semiconductors. The public address system in Mecaro‘s original office was an analog system adopted in the early 2000s. As business grew, the existing system needed to be expanded in line with the construction of a new office building but proved to be difficult and required a great deal of investment. Broadcast scheduling complexity, sound quality, and amplifier limitations were also pointed out as drawbacks. What‘s more, because the speaker and amplifier cables were connected using ring terminals, a short circuit or disconnection at a certain point resulted in broadcast stoppages or output disruptions on all connected speakers after the point of failure.


While implementing a central management system (CMS) for the new building that integrated and managed various systems (electrical, access, fire protection, CCTV, elevator, etc.), Mecaro sought to also integrate the PA system. To this end, comprehensive consideration was given to scalability, quality, technology, ease of management, after-sales support, implementation and maintenance costs, as well as compliance with PA standards. Through consultation with Darwin System, an Axis partner, Mecaro decided to deploy the latest network audio solution by Axis.


With the Axis network audio solution, Mecaro established a stable and efficient high-quality PA system. The entire system was able to be controlled via a single intuitive administrator interface, thereby increasing operator productivity due to easy broadcast scheduling and zone-specific broadcasting. Furthermore, the CMS integration significantly improved emergency response capabilities, and even employee satisfaction was enhanced thanks to the systems excellent sound quality. When needed, system expansion will be easy and at reasonable cost because only speakers need to be installed to the already-constructed network without extra cabling and devices.

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