IP cameras take casino to next-level experience

Modern technology and remote tables provide a faster and more convenient way to run a casino

“We started by testing different camera models with different gaming machines to find the best camera view angle and test the image quality in demanding light conditions.” Mitja Zabavnik System Engineer from Technix.


For as long as casinos have existed, they’ve looked for ways to offer their customers a better experience. They have to keep up with the modern, fast pace age and give customers more than ever before. As an integrator, Technix began collaborating with Interblock in 2014, and since then they’ve developed a number of gaming machines. A recent development allows players to play more games at the same time through touchscreens and digital visualization. Unfortunately, this means less enjoyment for gamers, so Interblock sought a solution: live video feeds directly from the gaming tables.


The entire solution was built on Axis IP cameras, specifically the modular AXIS F41 Network Camera with remote sensor units. Testing was first conducted with cameras on loan from Axis, and it soon became clear that this was the right path to go. In close collaboration with Technix, Interblock were able to develop new gaming machines with discreet sensors and custom IR lights that provide a stable and high frame-rate feed to the player’s digital table. Superstitious players want a live view of the action on the gaming table.


The resounding success of the first prototypes soon escalated to mass production and marked the beginning of a new age in the casino industry. To date, over 500 gaming machines have been fitted with IP cameras, and there are many more to come. Most recently, there have been plans to install AXIS FA54 Main Units in new gaming machines to allow for a higher frame rate live video feed to the player’s table. Customers can now play multiple games at the same time from a single place and with all the discretion they need.

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