Reaching the nearest available parking space

Carrefour Romania has chosen Parking Spotter, powered by Axis Communications

“Parking Spotter is bringing a huge potential for large-scale deployment, even for public parking lots, because it can significantly contribute to reducing traffic jams and the time spent by drivers in traffic to find a parking place.” Florian Tudor, Commercial Property Manager at Carrefour Romania.


With an infrastructure that includes over 12,000 stores in 30 countries, of which over 350 are in Romania, Carrefour is one of the world’s largest retailers. Serving millions of customers every day, Carrefour’s stores around the world need to provide customers with ways to find parking spaces. During peak times, car traffic in the parking lots exceeds normal levels, which leads to inefficient operation, increased amounts of time for arrivals and departures, and causes customers discomfort. This was also the case at Carrefour Brașov, located in one of the most visited towns in Romania.


Parking Spotter is an innovative solution that helps people to find the closest available parking place in real time while also allowing parking lot owners to improve operational flow. It is suitable for many different types of properties, such as airports, stadiums and shopping centers. Parking Spotter can be installed as an additional feature on a video surveillance system, providing higher security, increased comfort and more efficient operations all in one system.


Now, Carrefour Braşov hypermarket’s customers can use the Parking Spotter app for Android or iOS mobile devices to quickly find a free parking space. They are directed to the chosen parking space, and they have the ability to report incidents to security directly in the app. At the same time, the operator obtains important statistical data such as occupancy or average parking time.

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