Iron security for coppersmiths

Axis cameras for Uralelektromed headquarters

“Today, we use Axis IP cameras to keep the discipline at the facility and store the video archive, while in the future we plan to expand the application of such video analysis capabilities as face and license plate recognition. Axis cameras offer a whole bunch of advantages: perfect picture quality, user-friendly configuration in AXIS Camera Manager, smart customer support and manufacturer’s warranty.” Security employee of Uralelektromed.


Uralelektromed is a part of Ural Mining Metallurgical Company (UMMC) engaged in copper electrolytic refining and copper product manufacturing. All the branches and production sites of the company are coordinated by the headquarters located in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. In 2018, the security video surveillance system in the headquarters building was retrofitted: the out-of-date analog cameras inside the building and at the surrounding area were replaced with IP cameras.


The video surveillance system at Uralelektromed office building was upgraded by UMMC-Telecom company. This system integrator has successfully deployed a large number of projects involving Axis network cameras and this project is no exception. The operating capabilities as well as practical configuration and easy integration with Macroscop video management system used at the customer site became the driver for Axis cameras.


Today, the security inside the building and along its perimeter is ensured by 64 various outdoor and indoor Axis cameras. The video streams from these cameras are transmitted to the centralized control room. IP-cameras integrated with the dedicated Macroscop software is a powerful tool for the security staff that not only allows to directly monitor the secure facilities and store the video archive, but also to use video analysis capabilities in the long run. With this video surveillance system, you can effectively monitor and promptly prevent such incidents as intrusion, theft and tampering, inappropriate actions of the staff.

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