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Axis IP-based security system for the winter sports arena

“Axis cameras seamlessly matched the interior of the arena; moreover, they feature good resolution and highly-detailed image to ensure the situational awareness of the security staff. Our integrator arranged the cameras in such a way as to cover every corner of the center.” Security operator of the Winter sports arena.


The opening of a new sports and recreation center in Verkhnyaya Pyshma was highly anticipated by locals fond of skate battles, young hockey players and skaters and their parents. The region already had the arena with an ice ring before, but it was too small to house all the visitors willing to do sports. The UMMC company initiated the construction of this center and made the decision to equip the ice hockey rink and other indoor areas of the arena with IP video surveillance system in order to monitor the territory of the center and provide the safe and comfortable training conditions without involving too much of security staff.


Axis IP cameras and dedicated Milestone software were selected to create the security system for the winter sports arena. More than thirty fixed AXIS P14 Network Cameras were installed inside the sports arena (the ice arena itself and a three-storied extension) without leaving a single blind zone and nine more cameras were installed outside. The video stream from all the cameras is displayed on the screens in the control room and records are stored in the archive for a time period reasonable from a security policy point of view.


With a video surveillance system based on Axis video cameras and Milestone XProtect® software, it is possible to monitor all the events inside the sports arena, as well as within its surrounding territory, including parking. By viewing the records from the video archive, security staff can efficiently investigate incidents whether it is belongings left after training or more serious incidents.

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