People Counter solution at Galați Shopping City

A straight-forward, efficient and highly reliable solution

“AXIS People Counter, installed by MNL Project Security, provides lots of advantages, beyond the standard people counting solutions. By choosing the Axis solution, the company doesn’t need any additional software to gather and compile the measured data. It is using the Axis cloud platform, which is user friendly and does not require IT specialists. Marketing specialists can access it directly to obtain the information they need.” Ciprian Ciuciu, Galați Shopping City representative.


A shopping mall’s success depends on increased visitor numbers and marketing departments rely on accurate foot-traffic measurements to plan promotions and attract even more guests. For these reasons, Galați Shopping City sought a solution to accurately count the number of visitors, allowing its marketing team to better optimize activities and promotions.


Galați Shopping City had an existing analog video surveillance system, but it was not capable of advanced tasks like analysis or statistics. To avoid the need to upgrade the entire surveillance system, MNL Project Security recommended adding on-site IP cameras with an integrated people counting solution at the main entrances of the mall. Because of the original analog system, the IP cameras were not integrated into the larger system, instead they operate in conjunction with the intuitive Axis platform.


The implementation of a people counting solution is of great use for marketing specialists, allowing them precise information on people entering and leaving the mall at certain hours. This way, they can prepare targeted recommendations and make knowledgeable decisions to improve the mall’s efficiency and grow its business.

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