Safe shipment of produce begins with a safe working environment - one of Japan’s leading processors and receiving agents for produce chooses Axis

Actively utilizing video surveillance solutions to maintain quality in the produce market

“Before I was forced to sit and stare at video for at least 20 minutes, but with the new system it only takes a few minutes, and I have really felt the increase in speed. I would estimate that it takes only about one tenth of the time it used to. Also, workers know they are being watched by cameras, which has led to a reduction in the kind of behavior that leads to accidents, and to improvements in the safety of the work environment.” Ryo Kataoka, Supervisor, Systems Section, Information Management Office, Kuraka Group.


Kuraka Group owns receiving areas and warehouses into which produce are carried, and in which forklifts are frequently moving to and fro. At the neighboring shipping dock, a number of large trucks are parked, waiting to be loaded. Over time, the company has taken various measures to prevent accidents involving collisions within the facilities. Because the facility is an open-access area, the company is also focused on preventing theft and losses. In the past, analog surveillance cameras had been installed for internal monitoring of the facility, but due to expansion of the facility over many years it became difficult to manage individual cameras, and problems were occurring with the cameras themselves. In addition, many of the environments around the entries and exits are strongly backlit, and it had not been possible to obtain good footage capable of holding up to scrutiny. Also, the previous system lacked the performance necessary for searching recorded footage, and staff needed to put in long hours in order to pinpoint important shots.


The customer was impressed by the performance of IP66‑rated products, and eventually selected AXIS M2025‑LE Network Cameras. Inconspicuous AXIS M3045-V fixed mini dome cameras were installed in the offices, at the entries and exits to the cut vegetables processing area, and its ancillary cleanroom. Footage from cameras in the various locations is recorded on AXIS S Series equipment in the Control Center, and is managed centrally from the same Center.


The intuitive interface of AXIS Camera Station provides a simple operating environment that succeeds in drastically reducing the workload of security personnel. Ryo Kataoka (Supervisor, Systems Section, Information Management Office), who is in charge of the video surveillance system at Kuraka Group said with relief, “Before, I had to sit and stare at video footage for at least 20 minutes. But now, since we moved to the new system, I think I spend only about one tenth of my time doing this.”

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