MLK Jr. Community Hospital takes a proactive approach to security

Health center uses network cameras integrated with advanced analytics technology to keep patients and staff safe

“We have a great relationship with Axis. Our entire security system deploys Axis network cameras in the various halls throughout the hospital, and we’re monitoring numerous upgrades over the last two years and planning more upgrades in the future. We also recently transitioned our video intercom systems over to the 2N solution provided by Axis, and we’re super happy with that.” Mark Reed, Director of Support Services, Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital (MLKCH) has placed a high degree of emphasis on security since it first opened its doors in 2013. Located in the Willowbrook neighborhood of southern Los Angeles, it was important for the hospital to be able to provide a safe and open space for local community members in need of care. Although the hospital has used network cameras from Axis Communications since its inception, the third-party security team utilized by MLKCH proved ineffective at monitoring and maintaining the system. As a result, administrators began to look for a better solution.


Thanks in part to MLKCH’s existing relationship with Axis, the health center was able to quickly find an effective video management system (VMS) capable of fully integrating with the Axis cameras currently in use. In addition, MLKCH was able to identify innovative new technologies, such as integrating advanced audio analytics capabilities with IP cameras, that would keep the hospital more secure. The hospital integrated its cameras with the VMS while initiating a full upgrade of the technology in the command center, allowing the security team to receive high-quality, real-time visibility into security alerts as they happen.


Working with Axis has allowed MLKCH to provide more effective security and access control to the hospital as a whole, but also tailor security to specialized, high-risk areas such as the hospital’s mother-baby unit and labor and delivery areas. The network cameras have granted security personnel a crisp, clear view of anyone attempting to gain access to these high security areas, along with two-way communication to help verify their identity. Additionally, external security controls have allowed the hospital to identify potential intruders before they can attempt to enter the premises. The successful deployment of these new solutions have given MLKCH the confidence to begin exploring additional security technologies from Axis and its partner companies, including radar detection and facial recognition, to promote even greater levels of safety in the future.

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