Cutting-edge kitting center is watched over by high-resolution cameras

32 network cameras allow work in progress to be checked, supporting both IT equipment security and providing added value

“Previously, recording things with cameras was the objective. Now it’s working as a deterrent, allowing us to check operating procedures, and also playing a role in contributing to work-style reforms. Those are the kinds of changes in the solution that we have seen over the past three years. That we have been able to realize this is also arguably due entirely to the improved camera performance.” DIS Service & Support Co., Ltd., Service Headquarters, Services Sales Division, Kanto Kitting Center. Center Manager, Keiichi Kirihata.


The DIS Service & Support Co., Ltd. Kanto Kitting Center was one of the first providers to offer a kitting service whereby the company builds servers, PCs and optional equipment on behalf of customers, as well as installing software and performing other configuration work before shipment. To be able to respond to increasing and diverse customer demands the company relocated in 2018, and expanded the kitting facility by merging it with the Central Kanto Center logistics base, while simultaneously rolling out a full-blown security system.


With the help from 21 high-resolution mini dome IP cameras it was possible to check individual operations and work in progress. The required viewing angle was calculated considering the height of the installations within the Center and the size and number of the workstations that needed to be covered, and optimal equipment was then selected accordingly. Despite the complex layout of the Center, only six HDTV 1080p fixed-box cameras were necessary to cover entrances and corridors without blind spots. The cameras are managed centrally using two monitors within the Center, enabling checks to be conducted as soon as a problem occurs.


The new cameras have made it possible to gain an accurate and detailed picture of the work being performed. The possibility to discover mistakes and check if procedures has been followed has helped to improve operational efficiency and facilitate procedural reviews. No incidents have yet arisen that required camera verification but the fact that the staff have been notified that cameras have been installed seems to have had a positive effect.

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