Axis IP video surveillance solutions protect the operations of the Las Palmas Port Authority

A Service Coordination Center with greater definition and control

“With all these updates, the port now has better control and management in all regards. We are very happy.” José Ramón Ansó, Technical Director of Gemed Soluciones.


The Las Palmas Port Authority (Autoridad Portuaria de las Palmas, APLP) is a government office within the State Ports (Ministry of Development), which manages five general-purpose ports in the province of Las Palmas, Canary Islands: La Luz and Las Palmas, Arinaga, and Salinetas (Grand Canary). Arrecife (Lanzarote), and Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura). Thanks to their strategic position in the Middle Atlantic, these ports are noteworthy as an enclave for connections between Europe, Africa, and America. They serve as logistics platforms for international sea routes, a base for national and international fishing fleets, stations for fuel bunkering and container transshipment, leaders in the cruise sector, an international regatta center, and strategic points for the distribution of humanitarian aid under the United Nations World Food Program.


APLP has installed 82 new Axis network surveillance cameras. The newly installed cameras models include AXIS M5525–E PTZ for indoor and outdoor use, offering 10x zoom, and AXIS Q6155-E PTZ, high-speed cameras with instant laser focusing capabilities. In addition, Las Palmas Port has incorporated AXIS T8310 Video Surveillance Control Board for professional management of its cameras and videos.


The control and monitoring network covers a total of 144 Axis cameras, allowing the Service Coordination Center of Las Palmas to perform the functions entrusted to it to full satisfaction, such as controlling maritime traffic, managing nautical technical port services for pilotage, towing, and mooring, and the coordination tasks for maritime or land emergencies, among others. These cameras have been installed by Gemed Soluciones, which was also responsible for providing the necessary training to the Port Police, as well as to the staff of the Department of New Technologies and the Las Palmas Port Services Coordination Center.

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