Thermal imaging monitoring system at German refrigeration plant

Güntner-Tata chooses Axis high-quality cameras to protect its largest production unit

“Maintaining and renewing an analogue system is very costly. From that money, we can build an IP system with a larger spectrum that is much more modern and obviously, such new system’s intelligence and technical support is greater than that of an analogue one.” Péter Seftsik, Security Manager, Güntner-Tata Kft.


The owners of Güntner-Tata wanted to replace their old, obsolete security system with a modern one that can be simply and quickly expanded. They wished to install cameras in the versatile and complex operating area in such way that would allow them to obtain a highquality system, with acceptable value for money, and which could also operate the still functioning analogue cameras, without any further problems.


Criterion Zrt. put together an offer for Axis and Milestone systems, which included service and guarantee, as well as excellent reviews, and successfully won the tender. Güntner-Tata’s primary goal was the protection of property, because they work with precious metals (silver and copper). They also aimed to reduce workplace accidents, especially traffic accidents. Several 360°-wide cameras were installed in the area, which now essentially see everything, and the latest thermal cameras were used for perimeter protection.


The installation and use of the system have produced spectacular results, which greatly increased the prestige of the property protection area within the company. Thanks to these results, the newly built logistics area may also be equipped with the best Axis cameras. Moreover, the new firewall solution will enable regional executives to monitor the production of their own departments on tablets and allow them to use camera images for production optimization.

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