AVILON dealer centers embrace high tech and art

ST Solution implements Axis IP cameras at a new car dealership

“The security system in our centers is entirely based on the video surveillance and access control systems. We appreciate Axis cameras for their reliability and high image quality giving us an opportunity to meet all the goals set for the system. Moreover, Axis cameras offer user friendly web-interfaces and one of the widest software ranges provided at the market. The selected system complies with the architectural concept of our dealerships, representing a blend of innovation and art.” Head of AVILON security department.


In March/April 2019 after modernization of the former design department of Likhachov Plant, two dealership of AVILON Automotive Group were opened one after another: “Mercedes-Benz Avilon Legenda” and “Audi Avilon”. Along with architectural activities, including preservation of the historical facade and installing high-tech structures inside the building, the holding management team together with contractors made an effort to equip the site with an advanced video surveillance system. The latter was also to fit into the architectural concept of the historic building and become the backbone of the whole site security system.


AVILON has used IP video surveillance at its sites for quite a long time, thus it has extensive experience working with different vendors and this experience was the key criteria for choosing Axis. ST Solution was entrusted to design and integrate the video surveillance system in a building under renovation. This system was to comply with the standards developed based on the experience of its other dealerships. At the end of the project a total of over 250 Axis IP cameras were installed in two dealerships.


Axis network cameras cover the whole area of the AVILON dealerships: building perimeter, showrooms, maintenance stations, administrative space, storage areas, elevators and escalators. Video streams from the cameras can be viewed in the centralized control room and used to solve a wide range of issues: from ensuring safety of people and assets to increasing sales efficiency.

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