Falls and dangerous items no longer threaten miners

A huge mining machine in Bílina mine now features eyes of Axis cameras

“We have been using Axis cameras for years and after a big internal benchmarking test completed a few years ago, we did not use any other brands for our mining equipment. Our first camera used at a mining company, AXIS 221, still works at a gatehouse even after many years.” Lukas Vacek, ENELEX Director of Operations.


Surface mining is routine at numerous locations. Giant excavators cut the pieces of soil, layer by layer, and conveyor belts take the material away. However, a completely non-standard situation arose in the North Bohemian brown coal basin, when history interfered with mining. The Bílina mine area features various dangerous items like unexploded Nazi ammunition from the second World War. And since the control cabin of the K10000/K74 mining machine is located very close to the excavator, there is a risk that a potential explosion will directly endanger the operator’s life and health. The mission was simple in the assignment, but the solution was not. Moving the controls to a back-up location deep in the bowels and safety of the mining machine, and using a camera system provide the operator with the same view as from the original cabin. This nonstandard requirement was a challenge for the integrator. It had to invent a unique custom-made solution without compromising the mining machine’s functions or possibilities.


After ENELEX’s long-term experience with the Axis IP cameras, there was no other choice but to base the whole system right on this brand. Reliability and durability under heavy conditions were a must, and the biggest enemies were dustiness and vibration during the machine’s operation. In total, 18 AXIS Q3505-VE Network Cameras have been installed to deliver video to three different locations, providing a secure working environment for employees.


Now, the two cameras on the control cabin have a viewing angle exceeding 180° and provide a better view than the operator had previously. The system is built autonomously, automatically starts up when the machine is turned on, and each of the power nodes has a separate back-up battery to keep the system running even in emergencies. Mining is now safe thanks to technology, and even if any old ammunition surfaces, the excavator operator’s life is no longer at risk.

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