Modelcar race live streams with Axis cameras

Modelcargo software and Axis cameras help enthusiasts watch modelcar races

“Our first fear was that these IP cameras are security cameras and not media cameras, but in practice, these high-quality cameras can also be used for media broadcasting and offer more options than a simple media camera.” László Gál, Managing Director of Modelcargo.


Modelcargo is a manufacturer of modelcar components, that participates in international competitions and supports these events. The company wanted to broadcast the model car races to let people around the world watch them live. The images are edited by an automatic program and uploaded to an Internet interface, which makes it easy to access and watch the stream via any Internet browser anywhere.


Modelcargo has developed its own software – Trackmo, which performs streaming and serves specifically for broadcasting car races. There are currently five camera systems installed in Europe (Italy, Austria, Norway, Switzerland and Luxembourg) from where live streams can be performed. On days of the week with no race, the owners of the tracks can use the cameras as security cameras.


After testing several cameras, Modelcargo took the lead with Axis solutions. Nearly a year of testing and use has proven that the cameras are very reliable, of good quality and have many currently untapped features. There are plans to install cameras to more racetracks, to take advantage of the additional smart features of the cameras and to make the system fully automated and remotely controllable.

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