opens new logistics center with robot stock management system

Austrian online sporting goods retailer creates the most state-of-the-art logistics center in the country with the support of Axis network cameras

“During camera and IT installation, we had various specialists at our side, which made everything go smoothly and eliminated the need for introductory training. We are particularly impressed with the excellent image quality of the Axis cameras, which enables us to zoom in very close to the products. This allows us to immediately detect and correct small errors in the flow of goods.” Konrad Plankensteiner, CEO of

Mission, an Austrian online retailer of sportswear and equipment, completed construction of a state-of-the-art logistics center in 2018. The build met their needs for more technologically advanced premises to handle the company’s growth and expanding customer base. Two robot systems were integrated and work in harmony with high resolution IP camera systems to handle product capture, management and tracking for the entire logistics center and to ensure safety.

Solution had clearly defined selection criteria for the required cameras: The solution had to provide excellent, high-resolution image quality, a multi-level zoom function, and an integrated barcode scanner. It was also important to ensure an uninterrupted power supply via Power over Ethernet (PoE), i.e. the network cable. In the end, the company opted for approximately 70 AXIS P1448-LE Network Cameras for the new logistics center since they covered all of the required functions and even scored points when it came to IT security.

Result’s new logistics center opened in October 2018 and has since been providing greater efficiency, detailed goods tracking and faster shipping times thanks to the robot systems coupled with the Axis network cameras. Customers usually receive their ordered products the day after the order comes in.

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