Van der Valk Princeville is ready for the future with Axis IP cameras

New solution provides improved efficiency for employees and a safe, secure environment for hotel guests

“Hotel Princeville was increasingly noticing insufficient camera coverage. In practice, when a situation looked potentially odd, the security staff had to walk over to that specific location to assess the situation for themselves. Ideally, it should be possible to check from the control center at any given moment without having to leave their location. This lack of camera locations also had an impact on workplace efficiency.” Niels Verweij, Commercial Director at Allinco.


Van der Valk Princeville wanted to extend their current camera pool. That is why the hotel commissioned Allinco to optimize the current camera network, which had previously been implemented in collaboration with Allinco, upgrading it to a modernized solution.


The old Van der Valk Princeville server had insufficient capacity to accommodate continued growth. But they did want to extend their network: Van der Valk Princeville wanted to add a number of IP cameras to their network to achieve surveillance at locations inside and outside the hotel that were not yet covered by the cameras. Moreover, a number of cameras had become outdated over the years and were up for replacement. Together with Axis Communications, Allinco designed a new, future-proof solution for the hotel.


The final solution for Van der Valk Princeville combines IT infrastructure with expertise in Axis network cameras and video management systems (VMS). The hotel now has a crystal-clear view at all the designated locations, resulting in improved efficiency for employees and an even safer, more secure situation for hotel guests. Now that these new solutions have been implemented, Van der Valk Princeville in Breda is ready for the future.

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