Turning the pages on inaccurate statistics

McArthur Public Library counts on network video analytics to deliver the reliable data necessary to demonstrate its value to the community

“No matter their size, every library has to quantify use, and foot traffic is one important way to do that. The Axis analytics suite allows us to report that number more accurately and at a much more granular level than we ever could before.” Jeff Cabral, Director, McArthur Public Library.


Established in 1863, McArthur Public Library in Biddeford, Maine, was one of the first public libraries in the state, occupying a single room in City Hall before moving to its current location in a former church building. To comply with federal requirements and demonstrate its value to the community and various stakeholders, virtually every library counts foot traffic using a wide range of products and procedures, some of which are unreliable and can be prone to human error. The library had questions about the integrity of the data from its own solution, which counted people using an invisible infrared beam, particularly if staff members forgot to reset the counter. Tired of relying on an outdated and inefficient product, the library sought a solution that would be more accurate, easier to use and wouldn’t require human intervention.


While working with its new security provider, Griffon Security Technologies, to evaluate and maintain Axis cameras installed throughout the building, McArthur Public Library was introduced to AXIS People Counter and AXIS Store Reporter software. Coupled with a ceiling-mounted AXIS P32 Network Camera, the cost-effective solution provides a more accurate, hands-free approach to counting foot traffic coming through the library’s entrance.


Since deploying the video analytics solution, the library has been able to quickly generate reports to demonstrate usage and staff can be confident in the accuracy of the data the system generates. This has translated to more efficient staffing and budgeting, and with no manual interaction required to keep the system up and running, staff are able to dedicate their time to helping the hundreds of patrons who come through the library’s doors each day.

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