Network video technology adds new dimension to sports analysis for Team GB’s curling team

British Curling’s National Academy installs Axis network cameras as part of its sports analysis system to help improve athletes’ performance in preparation for Winter Olympics

“Not only do the cameras enable us to identify problem areas and correct them immediately, but the analysis system also helps us reinforce what the athletes are doing well, which increases their confidence in match play.” Kenny More, Performance Analyst for British Curling.


British Curling, the organisation that manages and develops elite curling in Britain, is responsible for delivering a top-level performance programme for the sport to ensure athletes can achieve their potential and deliver Olympic and Paralympic medals. Following great success at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014, the organisation received funding to build a new £3.15m National Curling Academy at the Stirling Sports Village in Scotland. To stay one step ahead of the competition and improve on a previous portable solution, the academy required an integrated visual sports analysis system to help training staff improve athletes’ performance.


British Curling turned to AnalysisPro, a provider of performance analysis solutions to help enhance athlete training, to procure a fixed IP camera solution utilizing its AP Capture solution. AnalysisPro installed the software alongside 16 innovative network cameras located around the four curling sheets within the Academy. This includes eight overhead 4K network cameras with full pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) capability, as well as an additional eight fixed position 1080p network cameras located at a lower level to show side-on views of the curlers in action. This solution gives analysts and coaches real-time footage of training sessions, so they can deliver feedback to help improve techniques during, rather than after, training.


Along with the ability to capture footage and control the cameras via the AP Capture laptops, all the cameras are constantly recording onto network drives so they can be accessed both during and after a training session, ensuring that every moment is available for recall from any camera. This means that if a coach identifies an area that an athlete can improve on, they are able to provide real-time feedback to correct the techniques while on the sheet. It has also helped to reinforce when an athlete is performing well and is helping increase confidence.

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