Seoul Visual Media High School benefits from smart, economical Axis network audio

High-quality broadcasting system complements the school’s reputation

“Students are greatly satisfied with the clear sound Axis’ high-quality network audio system provides. It is our plan to extend the Axis system to additional uses to provide students with an even more enhanced learning environment and optimize management efficiency in the future.” Si-kwon Lee, Teacher at SVMHS.


Founded in 1952 with the school motto of “Faith, Love, and Gratitude,” Seoul Visual Media High School (SVMHS) was designated as a representative high school for visual media in 2004. SVMHS accommodates approximately 450 students in 6 classes per grade, and it is currently the only school accepting applications nationwide. SVMHS is comprised of three major areas of study—visual contents, visual media, and visual media management, and it strives to develop talents with outstanding creativity in these areas. SVMHS uses its broadcasting system to conduct English listening tests to assess student progress in academic achievement. However, the outdated, existing analog-based system only provided low-quality sound and limited management functions. This triggered the implementation of a high-quality broadcasting system to promote a learning environment and provide students with a more reliable assessment system.


SVMHS conducted extensive preliminary research on possible broadcasting solutions related to the reliability of academic progress assessments. Analog-based systems were first considered since the school was familiar with one, but they revealed high implementation costs and limited functional capacity. SVMHS consulted with Darwin System, an Axis partner, and determined Axis’ IP-based audio system would be the best solution to accommodate the school’s limited budget and yet meet all elements required by the school.


SVMHS implemented a highly cost-effective, simple, and efficient broadcasting system by bringing in an Axis network audio system, which enabled a combined system operation. Axis network speakers are all-in-one speakers and support PoE (Power over Ethernet), which allows easy and fast installation and improved sound quality. Students are greatly satisfied with the improved sound quality during listening tests. Audio management system allows an easy and combined operation of the entire system, management of live or scheduled announcement, and transmitting selected audio sources to designated zones through a one-click process.

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