Evidence-based school management

Nossa Senhora do Rosário School has invested in a reliable video-monitoring system to understand daily occurrences and support educational decisions

“Axis has proven to be the best and most cost-effective solution. Now we have quality images and easy search and retrieval functions to resolve everyday incidents.” Elias Martins de Souza, IT Manager for Nossa Senhora do Rosário School.


More than 1,600 students attend Nossa Senhora do Rosário School. In operation since 1943, the institution is one of the most traditional in the city of São Paulo and has a very active community of parents and guardians. To better deal with everyday occurrences, the school felt it needed a high-quality video imaging solution to help respond more assertively to typical day-to-day demands, such as monitoring rooms for the safety of students and staff, searching for lost objects, possible misunderstandings, or any other event that requires analysis of a scene.


Added, the integrator for the video monitoring project, put together different Axis network cameras offering high-quality images and IP features that make operation easier. The precautions taken in developing the solution were considered from the earliest discussions on the project. The team of experts at Added used AXIS Site Designer to define the best technology for each scenario in order to meet the school’s expectations. The tool also allowed the client to monitor the proposal to be implemented. The solution provides the institution with images of administrative wings, interior and outdoor courtyards, parking areas, access ramps, gates, and even the perimeter of the premises (since the school remains responsible for its students outside its boundaries). These cameras monitor traffic around the institution, as well as student drop-off/pick-up.


The institution has 60 IP cameras that operate 24/7, both for student and teacher safety and for security. In practice, the school is able to analyze situations quickly, and the images offer the quality needed to capture details in any setting and under any lighting conditions—thanks to features such as infrared, WDR and Axis Lightfinder. As the images are compressed using Axis Zipstream technology, the entire system operates without overloading the server, with no visible loss.

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