Lee Health eases liability concerns with intelligent surveillance

Network cameras enhance operational capabilities while fostering a safer environment

“We used to pay a retired nurse to sit inside a patient’s room if deemed a fall risk. Within minutes, we can now mount an Axis camera and stream the video to a nurse’s station monitoring multiple rooms. We noticed an instant ROI after installing the cameras as they resulted in saving thousands of dollars per week in payroll expenses.” Sean Owens, Director of Security Technology & Non–Acute Care, Lee Health


Monitoring one medical facility is a challenge—let alone 35 of them. With four acute care locations, two specialty hospitals, and over 30 non-acute locations, Lee Health is one of the largest medical providers in the state of Florida. Its 13,000 employees and 4,500 volunteers ensure the network provides a high level of care for more than 1 million patients each year. With so much at stake, Lee Health needed a video surveillance system that could not only keep their facilities secure, but also provide organizational support.


Lee Health began the process of modernizing its surveillance system, and ultimately decided to purchase Axis cameras. Beginning with Golisano Children’s Hospital, Lee Health began installing HD-quality IP cameras across its many locations. In just under two years, over 1,100 Axis cameras were installed throughout the organization. Lee Health utilizes a wide portfolio of hardware and software technologies to keep patients safe and improve their quality of care by ensuring adherence to operational standards.


Lee Health has utilized Axis products to not only improve the security of its health care facilities, but ensure that patients are being provided with high-quality care. The organization is able to monitor interactions between patients and caregivers while keeping an eye on the wellbeing and whereabouts of patients who may pose a fall risk. The team also ensures that staff members properly adhere to important health and safety standards as well as protect entrances and exits with intelligence capabilities—among many other benefits. Using Axis technology has allowed Lee Health to reduce personnel redundancies, ease liability concerns, and provide valuable peace of mind for patients and their families.

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