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Inclusive Sports and Fitness uses Axis network cameras to help athletes with autism expand their physical, social and emotional skills

“Most parents don’t even realize the capacity of their children with autism to perform without their help. With the Axis cameras we not only show them what they’re capable of today, but what milestones they can achieve over time.” Alexander Lopez, Founder and Executive Director for Inclusive Sports and Fitness.


Inclusive Sports and Fitness (ISF) provides physical fitness and sports performance training to children on the autism spectrum or living with other developmental challenges. Using state-of-the-art sports and fitness equipment and leading-edge neuro and health sciences research, therapists and mentor buddies work with young athletes to increase their social interaction, cognitive behavioral skills and motor function. When the nonprofit moved to a larger facility, a local engineering firm offered to install all the network wiring and a surveillance camera system to secure the new location.


Initially, Contemporary Computer Services (CCSI), a New York-based systems solution company and Axis partner, planned to install a couple of AXIS Companion Dome Cameras and AXIS Companion video management software for building security. But after brainstorming with CCSI and Axis, ISF also learned how they could use cameras to visually document their athletes’ progress over time. They asked CCSI to also install several Axis network cameras in the therapy rooms. To complete the setup, CCSI outfitted the lounge area with a large-screen monitor so that parents and caretakers could watch live video of their children engaging in various activities in the fitness center.


In addition to providing a safe and secure environment for the athletes with autism spectrum disorder, Axis cameras augment the observations made by therapists and mentor buddies, often capturing subtle behaviors that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Besides serving as a critical assessment tool, the live streaming video gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to observe their children reaching milestones in their social, emotional and physical development without intruding on the therapy session.

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