Safety through video surveillance in the world’s longest tunnel

Video surveillance could save lives in the Gotthard Base Tunnel

“The Gotthard Base Tunnel presented us with significantly more complex challenges since the lighting conditions and local weather conditions caused great problems for conventional cameras. We therefore chose Axis, whose cameras are specifically designed for such conditions.” Thomas Adler, Business Development Manager for Video Security at Securiton AG.


After about 17 years of construction, the Gotthard Base Tunnel was completed and incorporated into the scheduled services of SBB in December 2016. At 57 kilometers, it is the longest railway tunnel in the world. The two railway tunnels that make up the tunnel system are about 40 meters apart and are connected by transverse tunnels every 325 meters.


A video system monitors strategically important locations in the interior of the tunnel, and helps to maintain a lifesaving overview in case of emergency. Two multifunction stations serve as critical points in the tunnel system, and to keep an eye on them at all times they are under complete video surveillance. Securiton AG installed 160 Axis cameras for this purpose. The cameras have a particularly durable protective housing to withstand the changing weather conditions, high air pressure, and vibrations in the tunnel, not to mention the effects of the trains as they thunder past at 200 km/h.


SBB already operates a similar video platform at all Swiss railway stations under the name “Multi Media Rail City“ (MMRC), a platform that has proven its value. With the video surveillance system used in the Gotthard Base Tunnel, SBB is now putting trust in this proven solution in all of Switzerland.

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