Turning the tide on theft, fraud and complaints

Epic Waters keeps its indoor waterpark a safe and fun attraction with reliable video surveillance

“Our Axis cameras provide tremendous value to the city and specifically to the employees at each location – not just for security but for managing the property as a whole.” Joe Heflin, IT Manager of Infrastructure and Security for Grand Prairie.


When the city of Grand Prairie, Texas commissioned its world-class indoor waterpark, officials knew that safety and security measures needed to be an integral part of the design. It was important for management to be able to monitor the 80,000 square feet premises to ensure a positive, fun-filled experience for up to 1,500 guests a day enjoying its aquatic attractions and other amenities. The city felt that video cameras would not only provide a deterrent for rambunctious behavior but also help curtail theft at transaction locations like the retail shop, concessions and arcade.


Because Grand Prairie already had proven experience with the reliability of Axis cameras deployed in its municipal buildings, the city decided to standardize on Axis cameras for the waterpark. Knight Security, a systems integrator and Axis partner, installed more than 100 AXIS P32 Series Network Cameras in strategic locations throughout the property along with Milestone XProtect® Corporate video management software. Managers and supervisors can view any camera live right from their desktops and mobile devices or retrieve archived video for review and export.


The Axis cameras are helping management catch employees skimming from the till and settle disputes like guests claiming to receive incorrect change or missing packages stored in a party locker. Management also uses the video to improve staff training and evaluate performance.

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