BVG implements its Innovation Bus with state-of-the-art IP technology

Equipping a bus with modern technology for enhanced passenger information and seat occupancy optimization

“We will be investing in new buses in the coming years. Naturally, we always think about how to make the ride in the double decker even more enjoyable for our passengers. In this bus, we deliberately played with the various technical possibilities and are looking forward to the results.” BVG Bus Division Manager Torsten Mareck.


Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) has developed the “Bus of the Future” to test innovative technologies under real-life conditions and investigate their technical and economic feasibility in relation to future production vehicles. To achieve this, they needed network cameras and other equipment. The cameras not only record video images, but also function as optical sensors.


BVG had clearly formulated selection criteria: The network cameras had to not only provide excellent image quality, but also be particularly powerful, insensitive to vibrations and shocks, and have a discreet appearance. An additional optical sensor for counting passengers, and analysis software were also required. Due to many years of good cooperation and positive experiences with past projects, BVG chose Axis Communications. BVG opted for ten AXIS P3905-R Network Cameras and two AXIS P8804 Stereo Sensor Kits with 3D sensors for counting passengers.


The Innovation Bus has been in operation on line 100 in Berlin since June 2018. In addition to the security aspect, the cameras in the bus optimize the distribution of passengers and show them what seats are available on the upper deck of the double decker bus by means of a TFT monitor right at the entry door. In addition to the technical evaluation, passengers are asked for their opinions on the individual services multiple times so that the company can make sure they are investing in the right technologies for the future.

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