Puy du Fou® has innovated for 10 years with Axis Communications IP security solutions

Puy du Fou bets on Axis for its offerings in video surveillance, access control, internet telephony and audio to provide security to visitors, employees and infrastructures

“In many situations, we reduced analysis time for an event that would have taken up resources, and we could quickly send out the corresponding staff (...). Now the various Axis solutions make things convenient for the surveillance agents.” Laurent Martin, security director at Puy du Fou.


Awarded five times worldwide, Puy du Fou is a remarkable popular success with 2.3 million visitors in 2018. To keep the visitors, employees and infrastructures safe, and to manage the flow of logistics and entry of personnel, the park needs to complete its Axis security system with innovative new technologies. The needs have evolved over the years, and the team in charge of the park’s security has to adapt to the challenges of securing new shows with surveillance by drones and other devices.


To respond to trends in the park’s performance Cinéscénie, AXIS P1435-LE Network Cameras have been deployed to survey the drones 350 meters in the air, along with AXIS P1367 Network Cameras to zoom onto the scene and provide surveillance of fireworks after they are launched. To manage the flow of suppliers, Axis speakers are installed at three sites heavily frequented by semis. They help assist the drivers verbally and smooth out traffic if there is a jam. Also noteworthy is adoption of AXIS Q6000-E PTZ Network Cameras with AXIS Q6044-E PTZ Network Camera (replaced by AXIS Q6054-E) used each day for monitoring the walkways to measure the flow of pedestrians and optimize organization of visitor reception. IP AXIS A8004-VE Network Door Stations are installed with AXIS P3225-LVE Network Cameras to eliminate doubt if someone forgets their access badge.


Today 300 Axis IP cameras are installed all over the site and cover almost the entire park. Between now and 2020, between 80 and 100 additional cameras will be installed to respond to the park’s expansion and to innovations in the shows. The goal is still to minimize the time for detection and for bringing assistance to the operators on site.

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