AXIS Companion for the Visionhair concept store

A single customized video surveillance solution for an avant-garde store

“The aspect that convinced me to choose Axis is the brand’s reputation: it is an important worldwide brand that makes extremely high-quality products suitable for all requirements. And since the aesthetic aspect is fundamental for us, we wanted a product that was not only qualitatively valid, but also fit in well with our store.” Antonio Pavani, Visionhair owner.


Visionhair is a brand that aims to express the concept of wellness through beauty, combining three different elements, clothes, furnishings and haircare, personified by a large multi level space arranged in different areas. The owner needed a video surveillance system that offered high image quality, ease of use, the possibility of remote real-time monitoring, and a compact and elegant design, capable of being perfectly integrated with the surroundings, where aesthetics play a vital role.


The installer, Federico Piazza from AS Impianti S.r.l., an AXIS Companion Specialist, had no doubts in proposing the installation of three AXIS Companion Eye mini L Network Cameras inside, providing Full HD and 2 MP resolution to achieve an optimal field of view in the more critical areas, and an AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE outside, capable of monitoring people entering and leaving.


The installed system is reliable, very discreet and perfectly integrated with the design of the entire space. AXIS Companion solutions, characterized by a simple, user-friendly interface, enable monitoring of all the areas of the concept store, even remotely, to determine which action to take whenever there is an alarm or threat and, if necessary, to provide the police with high-resolution images that can be used for investigations.

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