Nowhere to HIDE as Axis technology helps burger bar and café enhance security

HIDE Burger Bar and BEAN Caffé increase customer safety and monitor store activity through the use of a new video surveillance solution delivering 24/7 coverage

“I now have peace of mind, knowing that my restaurants are running as efficiently as possible even when I am not on-site. If there is a problem of any kind, I know I don’t have to worry as everything will be recorded on camera.” Olivia Pritchard, Owner, Hide Burger Bar and BEAN Caffé.


HIDE Burger Bar, a small independently run burger restaurant in Derby, has one mission – to produce and sell jaw-droppingly good burgers. Run by Olivia Pritchard, this eatery has rapidly gained in popularity in the region but with a growing footfall also comes security and safety concerns, including instances of theft and pickpocketing. During busy periods at both HIDE Burger Bar and sister outlet BEAN Caffé, it also became crucial to ensure there were enough staff serving at any one time so customers could enjoy a pleasurable experience.


Both HIDE Burger Bar and BEAN Caffé turned to Scenariio, an IT company specialising in intelligent infrastructures, in order to procure a network security solution. Axis partner Scenariio implemented network cameras from AXIS Companion range, perfect for the requirements of both establishments. A network of four cameras, including AXIS Companion Cube, AXIS Companion Eye LVE, AXIS Companion Dome and AXIS Companion Dome W, were installed, providing 24/7 coverage of the inside of the burger bar and the kitchens. An additional wireless AXIS Companion Cube W was installed at BEAN Caffé behind the main counter.


Customer safety and in-store operations have both been significantly enhanced following the installation, with the cameras recently put to good use when a customer was pickpocketed. Following the incident, the restaurant manager was able to supply police with clear video footage of the incident to assist in their investigations. Furthermore, Olivia now has the capability to remotely monitor both sites from anywhere through a mobile device, giving her peace-of-mind that her establishments are running efficiently when she is not on-site. The technology also allows her to monitor potential operational issues such as cash transactions and health and safety compliance in food preparation. This in turn helps to protect the interests of staff and customers and to deliver the best possible service.

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