Construction of an outdoor technology center for intelligent sensor technology

German sensor manufacturer implements company-owned outdoor test center with the support of network cameras

“We consider Axis the leader when it comes to network camera technology. Moreover, during our collaboration we had the opportunity to write our own plug-ins to connect our sensors to the cameras. That was a big advantage over the competition and one of the reasons we chose Axis network cameras here as well.” Jörg Kibbel, Project Manager, Sick AG.


In 2016, SICK AG, a leading German sensor manufacturer with global operations, decided to build an outdoor technology center (OTC) to test its own sensors under real world conditions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To achieve this, the company needed weatherproof, high-performance cameras to supplement the sensor tests with live images while at the same time protecting the entire area against unauthorized entry.


SICK’s selection criteria were obvious: The solution had to deliver excellent image quality while being weatherproof, exceptionally durable, and sustainable. In addition, it was important to be able to operate the different camera systems in different networks. Because of their positive experiences with other Axis products in other construction projects, SICK chose 14 static AXIS P1427-LE and five swiveling AXIS Q6044-E PTZ Network Cameras for visual support of the tested sensor units.


SICK’s outdoor technology center opened in June 2018 and consistently receives positive feedback from both employees and customers. The static Axis cameras provide important information on the results of the individual sensor tests, while the swiveling Axis dome cameras can, if necessary, depict the image of the scene n a way that makes it possible to recognize and evaluate details in very high resolution. The German company SICK AG was founded in 1946 in Vaterstetten near Munich and today is headquartered in Waldkirch near Freiburg. This global manufacturer of sensors for factory, logistics and process automation has more than 40,000 different products and solutions, such as barcode or RFID code scanning of baggage at the airport, and employs approximately 8,800 people in about 50 locations around the world.

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