A new standard in school security

Avenues São Paulo applied a comprehensive concept of technological integration to support its teaching philosophy and the experience of parents and students

“What strikes us is how innovative the solution is—it’s open and easily integrates with new features. The best part of the project is how the technology is always at the service of processes, and also the accuracy of its alarms.” Lia Muschellack, Director of Technology, Avenues.


Within the next few years Avenues World School will have campuses in the world’s major cities. This initiative seeks to minimize global boundaries and create a highly integrated and connected learning community built on the foundation of a shared vision, shared curriculum, collective professional development, and the benefits of contemporary technology. IP technology is a fundamental aspect to accomplish this: first through integration, and also in order to prepare for what is to come.


At Avenues, IP technology is a part of every process, from students’ arrival to solving everyday problems such as finding a forgotten object. The headquarters has 340 Axis network cameras that are part of a system based on open platforms, and that also integrates AXIS Perimeter Defender, Axis access control, and solutions from partner companies such as Milestone and Averics.


Using digital tools, Avenues São Paulo was able to expand the scope of the video surveillance project without giving up the cornerstones of the institution: welcoming, safety, and respect. Instead of physical barriers that greet parents and students each day and create tension starting with the first contact with the school, Avenues uses a smart system. Because the investment in the school will be paid for over 5 years, throughout this period Avenues will have guaranteed system operation through the 5-year warranty, with a future-proof platform that will remain ready to add new technologies and services even five years after its launch.

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