Waterways of greater Toulon Provence Méditerranée under surveillance by Axis cameras

Analysis and image processing provides waterway data for efficient flooding prevention

“The continuous improvement of Axis equipment performance now allows hydrometric measures by high-quality cameras while developing additional functionalities, such as detection of logjams and water pollution.” Arnaud Brun, president and cofounder of TENEVIA.


After recent floods, when streams and waterways breached their banks, prevention has become a priority for the community and a challenge for protecting the populace. Metropolitan Toulon Provence Méditerranée, along with local public safety authorities and the river guilds, is committed to improving knowledge and awareness of flood risks by providing prevention and warning tools.


Since 2017, the region has had a real-time information system for monitoring the waterways with cameras at the region’s main watersheds. This surveillance system has been implemented by Automatic Alarm and TENEVIA (the TENEVIA CamFlow® solution) at five sites from AXIS P1367-E Network Cameras. The patented TENEVIA CamFlow® technology is based on analysis and image processing software that digitizes water surfaces to obtain hydrometric data, even at night, thanks to infrared projectors slaved to the cameras. All this allows data analysis in real time over the Internet.


In this way, TENEVIA and Axis make it easy for metropolitan and community agents in charge of flood monitoring to understand the hydrological situation. The tool is easy to access and read. It measures waterway data for water levels and flows and triggers an alert when the thresholds are exceeded. This support allows true surveillance of waterways in real time and allows public safety authorities to take action when a risk is detected. Further development could include expanding the system by integrating additional data, such as weather forecasts and direct communication from professional mobile devices, says Géraldine Crespin.

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