Historic building with a vision of the future

The Tuluá city covernment invested in video surveillance technology for long-term use

“We found other solutions at a lower price on the market, but they would not have allowed us to grow or adapt to video analytics the way the Axis Communications cameras do.” Alexander Ricardo, Director of the ICT Administrative Department for the Tuluá city government.


The city government’s video surveillance system of Tuluá, in Colombia, had fallen behind compared to other municipalities in the region; the system utilized very basic cameras inside its facilities, which did not allow for optimal monitoring and could not deal with new demands. In other words, the technology that the city government had put its hopes on a few years earlier was no longer satisfactory. What they had learned through this led them to shift course and invest in an effective, scalable system that would protect their facilities inside and out, meeting not only today’s needs but also those in the future.


The Tuluá city government decided to work with the integrator Spectra, who directed and launched the project, which used 25 Axis cameras to replace the 38 cameras in the existing system. The Axis cameras cover a wide range of monitoring and encompasses areas that were not being monitored previously, such as the public area in front of the city hall and the access to its parking lot. The project uses fixed dome AXIS P3225-LV Mk II Network Cameras, which are distributed in all common areas. Panoramic AXIS P3707-PE cameras were installed in the parking lots, a model that incorporates 4 lenses for 360° fixed vision. Finally, AXIS P1405-LE Mk II (bullet type) and AXIS P5624-E MK II PTZ dome cameras were installed outdoors in order to provide a continuous horizontal motion.


This deployment meant that the Tuluá City Hall video surveillance system was on par with the main ICT developments in the department, providing optimal surveillance in all public areas of the building and enabling a scalable solution that could take future needs into account.

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