Security 101 Gift of Security helps tackle the homelessness crisis

A recipient of the Gift of Security program, Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida created an even safer sanctuary for those most vulnerable

“Our objective has always been to provide a safe and secure environment for those who have been living on the street and subjected to all sorts of dangers and indignities. The AXIS Companion video surveillance system has been a great tool for helping us make that happen.” John Hearn, CEO of Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida.


Life is no picnic for the homeless. Wondering where the next meal is coming from. No protection against the elements. Feeling hopeless about ever leading a normal life again. In the Orlando area particularly, homelessness had reached crisis proportions. So when the Security 101 Gift of Security program was searching for worthy recipients in 2016, Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida was an obvious nominee. The Coalition is a low barrier residential shelter with a focus on housing, emergency services and helping families and individuals return to stable, permanent homes as quickly as possible. The Coalition always strives to provide an escape from the trauma of homelessness. But as a nonprofit, the organization could never have afforded a security camera system and technical support services on its own.


Given the chance to win an AXIS Companion video surveillance system and Security 101’s design and installation services, the Coalition staff jumped at the opportunity to rally the Orlando community and garner the most votes of all the nominees on the ballot.


Embracing the new technology, security staff at the Coalition have made a tremendous impact on creating a safer haven for the those most vulnerable in the Orlando area. The ability to view the live camera feeds and retrieve stored video from onsite desktops or remote smartphones and tablets has quickly resolved several incidents, such as the ones featured in the full case study below.

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