The sound of industrial safety

An industry with acoustic challenges tested different evacuation systems and decided to install Axis audio equipment to comply with regulations on prevention

“We were surprised by the excellent performance of the audio devices in an environment as acoustically unfriendly as a nursery, with its huge size and acoustics that are not ideal for this type of equipment. We are really very satisfied.” Germán Albín, Head of the Montes del Plata Infrastructure Department.


All over the world, industries must comply with different requirements that certify the proper functioning of their premises and the safety of their employees. In Uruguay, SYSO (Occupational Health and Safety) standards include concepts from international labor conventions, laws, decrees, and other regulations concerned with accident prevention, reparations, and sanctions. To comply with these preventive regulations, the cellulose pulp producer Montes del Plata decided to install an audio evacuation and monitoring system in its nursery. The big challenge was the question of acoustics, since the location doesn’t have conventional walls but instead employs a structure of flexible synthetic material.


During the simulations, different audio systems were tested under these acoustic challenges. After the field tests, AXIS C3003-E Network Horn Speakers were installed in the more than 48,000 m2 of nursery space, along with AXIS P8221 Audio Module to serve as an interface between the evacuation button and the loudspeaker system. In addition, a video surveillance system was installed that includes AXIS P1405-LE Mk II and AXIS P5514-E Network Cameras.


Once the system was implemented, staff were able to identify the warning sound perfectly in the drills that were carried out. The camera monitoring enables control over what happens at the site to ensure proper use of supplies and other work elements. The result has led Montes del Plata to consider expanding this audio evacuation system to other facilities.

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