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Rio de Janeiro’s main airport adopts video monitoring system capable of supporting long-term operational improvements

“All the cameras we purchased for this project are Axis. We took the company’s best technologies into consideration for the project, and Axis Zipstream technology was one of the points where Axis was ranked the best.” Bernardo Hoelz, RIOgaleão Datacenter Coordinator.


Rio de Janeiro is the largest tourist destination in Latin America and the entire Southern Hemisphere. The main point of arrival for tourists, whether they come from Europe, Africa, the Middle East or the rest of the Americas, is RIOgaleão. The concessionaire that took over its administration in 2014, was looking for a video monitoring system that could deal with their first major challenge—the 2016 Olympics—and provide long-term support for airport operations, which they will be responsible for until the end of the concession in 2039.


The integrator Ziva Tecnologia e Soluções proposed a video-monitoring project that over time could be developed into a smart tool to support airport management. Security in the airport’s sensitive areas has been enhanced by installing Axis IP cameras. High-quality surveillance images are now available for all sidewalks, baggage areas, x-ray control, and the container area and runway. Covering a total area of 280,000 m2 — equivalent to 39 times the size of the soccer field at Rio’s Maracanã stadium—the airport is equipped with more than 820 Axis network cameras, including five P-line models, as well as AXIS Q1615-E from its Q line. All cameras are managed by SecurOS Enterprise software from Intelligent Security Systems (ISS), an Axis partner.


With the images, the airport gained agility in responding not only to safety, but to the entire passenger experience inside RIOgaleão, from the sidewalk to the moment of takeoff. Each selected model met the requirements for each sector of the airport, which, in terms of area, is the largest in Brazil, and the country’s second busiest as well. The new system favored a high level of performance: the airport achieved the highest on-time rating in Latin America and was voted the fourth best airport in South America.

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