Axis cameras ensure safe leisure at Aquarion Hotel in Zakopane

Video equipment must be effective, durable and well designed

“We have been an Axis partner for 10 years now and maintained a Solution Gold Partner status since 2011. We mainly rely on Axis cameras in our projects.” Krzysztof Durlak, Contract Administration Manager, DG ELPRO.


Safety in the hotel is now a priority for management. Aquarion Hotel in Zakopane, for which DG ELPRO designed the network video system, has 136 rooms, conference rooms and a spa zone. Excellently located, the hotel is situated in one of the resort’s busiest streets. One of the biggest challenges of the project was to achieve a compromise between the privacy of the hotel guests and maintaining a suitable level of safety. At the same time, the modern décor of the building required an appropriate design line of the applied equipment.


It was decided already at the design stage to use Axis cameras. Eventually, AXIS M Series devices were used, which are of a very good quality and ideally suit the hotel rooms décor. The said models include dome cameras that allow effective surveillance in traffic routes inside the building, as well as bullet and PTZ cameras, installed outdoors, to monitor the entrances and the parking zone.


The system, as the investor required, functions as a stand-alone system. It fully makes use of video analytics available in network cameras as well as Axis video management software system. The system efficiently records events and helps verify emergency situations and solve controversies. Qualified technical staff, trained in this respect by DG ELPRO, is responsible for the system operation.

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