Ringing the bell at Thorndon Primary School

How Axis network audio helped improve communication between pupils and staff

“The Axis system gives us so much flexibility. Instead of using the same sound throughout the day, I was able to pick appropriate samples for different times. I edited 20 second samples, for each of our three daily bells.” Tim Kong, Deputy Principal, Thorndon Primary School.


As part of its renovations, Thorndon Primary School had the opportunity to modernise its existing communication system for a network audio system with increased functionalities and flexibility. It needed a future-proof solution that would meet the needs of the school today and for many years to come.


The school engaged Pure Tech, who suggested a network audio system from Axis Communications, consisting of internal speakers mounted flush into the ceiling, an external horn speaker that gave coverage of the whole outdoor play area, a programmable microphone system at reception and a centralised console with the easy-to-use, browser-based, Axis audio management software.


The network audio system that was installed has changed the way Thorndon Primary School now communicates with its students allowing for tailored messages and sounds that have created a more positive environment for students and teachers.

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